Upvote California is a podcast devoted to helping Californian voters. Our primary goals are:

Increase the number of people that vote

Help voters make informed decisions

Fairly present all sides of an argument

In November 2016, there are 17 statewide ballot measures and 13 city measures in San Francisco. Many of these measures are complex issues that require a deeper look into the details. This podcast is designed so that a voter can listen to a single episode about a measure and hopefully get a better understanding of the pros and cons of the law.



Bryan Atwood, Producer

An experienced Bay Area entrepreneur, Bryan got interested in politics by volunteering as a supervisor at polling stations for the past few years. Seeing a lot of confusion from voters about ballot measures, he started Upvote California as a means for voters that are short on time to get a better understanding of what they are voting on. Bryan lives right near Civic Center in San Francisco with his wife Cindy and wants to see more people voting in the city and state.

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Jorge Soto, Marketing and PR

Jorge is a serial entrepreneur born in Miami, FL to a Cuban immigrant father and Spanish-Filipino mother. He was an early sales person at MoPub,  co-founded a sales tool called Dashtab and is currently an advisor at MobileAction, partner at Sales Hacker, generalist at Node.io. Jorge lives in San Francisco, CA, loves to do yoga and cycle and is fascinated by existentialism, philosophy, history, art, music, and the human mind.

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Scott Lyons, Advisor

Scott is an entrepreneur and political expert in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching physics to high school students in Cameroon. Through this experience, he became passionate about government and earned a Masters degree in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. Scott lives in the Bay Area with his wife and three children and keeps active in organizing local voter events.

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