Month: October 2016

2016 Prop 54: Public Display of Legislative Bills

  30.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_54Hear both sides on Prop 54, the Public Display of Legislative Bills Initiative, which requires legislative bills to be publicly posted 72 hours before a vote. We are fortunate to have guests Pete Peterson, the Dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, and Steven Maviglio, the chairman of Californians for an Effective Legislature, to talk through the arguments with us.

2016 Prop 59: Overturn of Citizens United Act Advisory

  28.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_59Learn about Citizens United and Proposition 59, which would encourage elected officials to use their authority to overturn Citizens United. Michele Sutter joins us to discuss things from Money Out Voters In.

2016 Prop 51: Public School Facility Bonds Initiative

  27.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_51We cover the pros and cons of Prop 51, which issues $9 billion in bonds for new construction and modernization of K–12 public school and community college facilities. Joining us are Larry Galizio, the President and CEO of the Community College League of California, and G. Rick Marshall from the California Taxpayers Action Network.

2016 Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization

  21.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_64Hear the pros and cons of Prop 64, which would legalize recreational marijuana in California, with experts Gretchen Burns Bergman from a New PATH – Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing, and Kevin Sabet from SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

2016 Prop 55: Extension of the Income Tax Increase

  16.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_55Hear all about Prop 55, which would extend the income tax increase for high income earners, with guests Lisa Gonzalez from the Association of California School Administrators on the supporting side and David Kersten from the Kersten Institute for Governance & Public Policy on the opposing side.

2016 Prop 65: Fees From Grocery Bags To Environmental Fund

  14.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_65Hear both sides on Prop 65, which would divert revenue from grocery store bag fees to an environmental fund. Discussing the issue with us are John Barrier, spokesperson for the American Progressive Bag Alliance, for the supporting side and Steven Maviglio from the No on 65 campaign to talk about the opposing view.

2016 Prop 67: Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum

  13.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_67We talk about Prop 67, which would uphold the new state law that bans single-use plastic bags at grocery stores. Hear supporting arguments from Steven Maviglio from the Yes on 67 campaign, and opposing arguments from Jon Berrier, a spokesperson for the American Progressive Bag Alliance.

2016 Prop 61: Drug Price Standards

  7.10.2016   Bryan   Podcast

block_61Get both sides of the story on Prop 61, which would limit the amount that California pays for prescription drugs under state programs like Medi-Cal. Guests on the podcast are Carmen Balber from Consumer Watchdog to take the supporting side, and Kathy Fairbanks from the No on 61 campaign on the opposing side.